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Fitness Nutrition – Perfect Post-Workout Meals

After workouts, it is important to eat quality food. This is not an option if you want to make gain and stuff. Muscle building science demands so in order to maximize your results. During the workouts you lose glycogen and amino acids and they need to be replaced. You can start your muscle building process by improving your protein synthesis. It is not advisable to rely only on protein powder and shakes. In addition, the body needs broad variety of nutrient-rich foods.

The following are some foods to try after the workouts:

Protein pancakes

Pancakes contain mean protein without a lot of carbs. These makes them perfect for people looking to retain the muscle tissue when trying to lean-up. They contain slow-digesting and medium proteins, which help keep uniform stream of amino acids. This helps you stay more anabolic.

Beef and Squash with marinara

This is perfect who train hard and with more workouts than usual. In such a case, your appetite is likely to go up. Creatine is able to replenish the explosive energy stores and the additional fat from beef will help you get satisfied and get the calories you need. Squash is digested slowly and this will help keep hunger at bay.

Tuna and crackers

This is a nice meal in fitness nutrition plan for people working out during lunch time. It is also perfect for people enduring an epic commute to the gym. It is cost effective and simple. These crackers are able to add some carbs and help spike your insulin levels and thereby driving nutrients into the muscles.

High protein oats

You can eat on the go from the gym. In fact they are great convenience food. In addition, this dish is perfect for people training in the morning. Whey and oats are important in bodybuilding. You can add some natural sweetener, almonds, and fruit in order to gain whole appreciation of the oatmeal. Balancing proteins and carbs is a good way to build lean muscles.

It is advisable to eat the right amounts of these meals. In fitness nutrition, it is a good idea to watch what you are consuming.

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