XPI Amino Powder Review

XPI Amino Powder


There is some things that are just simple facts of life. If you want to improve and increase your strength and muscle mass, you need to train hard (the right way) and get your body the right nutrients. When you look into different BCAA supplements, you’ll be reading a lot about ratios. The standard ratio seems to be 2:1:1, which is good, but XPI Amino Powder uses a 4:1:1 ratio making it very, very potent. In fact, the absorption gets to 66.7% above free form amino acids. Add in a coconut water electrolyte complex and you get extra hydration and endurance. XPI Amino Powder is a supplement that gives you more energy and increased focus without caffeine. You can use it before, after and during training. I like the fact that it’s a pretty all round supplements. That’s something I always like to look for. It’s easy to end up spending a ton of cash on a gazillion different supplements. That’s something I like to try to avoid. In this review, I will try to give you the best advice I can in regard to the XPI Amino Powder supplement.


The purpose of any fitness supplement is obviously to help you achieve better results in your fitness training. Amino acids are great at this because they have some unique qualities, which lend themselves very well to help with issues you face during training. First of all, they help you absorb proteins better. Amino acids actually actively promote absorption of protein from whatever source you’re using. The next stage of training where you get the benefit from amino acids is during recovery. They help your muscles’ recovery after training. That means you’ll be ready to train again sooner. Finally, amino acids help you lose fat. They actively release fat from your body, which is just awesome of course.

It does, however, matter, which types of amino acid you’re using. Free form amino acids do all the above, but if you really want something that’s great you need BCAAs. Supplements like XPI Amino Powder uses BCAAs because they are far more efficient than regular amino acids. BCAA means branch chained amino acids. It was something that was discovered to have an even greater effect.

Now, amino acids are great, but there are other things that help you get better results during training. You need the energy to keep going and you need to be able to keep going without getting dehydrated. Dehydration is a real danger if you’re training hard. You’re not always aware of just how much you’re sweating. The electrolytes you get in the XPI Amino Powder helps your body absorb more water and stay hydrated for longer. It also helps you feel more energized and prepared to go to town on your fitness routine. Truly, you’re just going to feel great and be ready to kick some ass.

I recommend XPI Amino Powder because it is an amazing supplement. It gets you everything you need to get the best results from your workout routine.

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