NOW Foods Energy Review

NOW Foods Energy, 90 Capsules



Energy. Not so much the kind you need to run your house and car, but the one you need to run your body. Energy is hard to come by in most people’s daily routine. If you also want to train to stay in shape or achieve any other kind of goal. Energy is the one thing you’re going to need and with a busy schedule it’s also one of the hardest things for you to come by. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to get more energy. I think most of us know what the most common source of energy is (besides sleep), coffee. Coffee is great, truth be told a lot of us are downright addicted to it. You see it keeps us awake, but it comes at a cost. When the surge of energy passes you’re going to come tumbling down…hard. That’s great, or it should be, because sleep then ought to take care of the rest, right? Well, the caffeine will keep you from getting the really good sleep you need. The NOW Foods Energy capsules is an alternative solution that should fit your needs.


Let’s talk a bit about how you’re going to feel when you eat them. First of all, the recommendation is that you take 1-2 capsules at a time. I would start with just the 1. If you take two of them you could have serious issues falling asleep. You simply won’t tire. Now, you know a product is great when one of the biggest issues you have with it is that it is almost too efficient. Fortunately, all the ingredients of the NOW Foods Energy capsules are 100% natural. No synthetic stuff!


The key to NOW Foods Energy is that it supports the natural processes in your body and makes you last longer. It revitalizes your entire body and gives you an energy boost without jitters.


Now, isn’t there anything bad to say about it? Well, sure there is. Take too much and you won’t be able to sleep. It is critically important that you increase the dose slowly. Don’t start out with more than 2 capsules, preferably just the one. That way you know how much you can take and still be able to get the rest you need. No matter how good a supplement is there is no substitute for rest. You should never try to substitute sleep with supplements. Your body needs it and it is the only way you can truly clear your mind for the challenges ahead.


Having said that, the NOW Foods Energy capsules is a fantastic way to add that (huge) bit of extra energy you’re going to need to be at your absolute peak performance.


Do I recommend NOW Foods Energy capsules? Well, based on my personal experience they do offer a great source of natural energy. If you have a busy schedule and want to be able to fit more things into it, such as exercise, it is highly recommendable. I use it daily and you could easily get the same benefits.